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College Typing Tutor


(Elsja)- "At Prestige College we use College Typing Tutor because any number of exercises can be created through a text editor. So students never run out of exercises relevant to what I am trying to teach them. Students can opt out of the exercise at any time and the record of their performance will be saved. I simply save my new exercises to a network path and all the students have access to the same exercise. We are running the package on a server with 100 workstations."


(Elsabe)- "At TNC College the College Typing Tutor's progress report charts provide an incentive to the students to improve. They enjoy the compact nature of the package." Download here


  • Register your id number, and firstname.
  • Click on the red boxes and start typing.
  • Everything on one screen.
  • Print out your own performance report.
  • Do timed drills from 10 seconds to 60 minutes.
  • Graphs give performance.
  • Record your worst and best speed per exercise.

    Teacher Administrator

  • Create your own text exercises.
  • Save in your student share.
  • Enable check box for student share under Tools... Options.
  • Each student's performance is recorded in database.
  • Set targets for students
  • Print out a report for each student
  • Password protected database
  • 4 lines per exercise intervals